Project Management

We thoroughly identify and analyze any risks that could arise during the duration of a project to help maintain the project's track and meet its end goal. From there we plan how to minimize and avoid any potential risks for the project to aid our client in completing their goals within the estimated timeline of the given project.   


Vessel Motion and Mooring Analysis

We are able to provide a detailed analysis of vessel motion and mooring to determine the domain interaction relationship between the vessel motions and the line dynamics. We can then show our client the numerical extrapolations of slow-drift and line tension. From the analysis we can advise our clients to make decisions that best fit their specific project needs.



Transportation & Installation Aids and Analysis

We are capable of providing input for transportation needs to best fit our clients' needs. We design and engineer the top quality product, within budget, to transport equipment for our clients. We take into account route complexities, environmental factors and equipment lifelines to be able to aid our clients to choose the best transportation equipment needed for their specific project. We can also oversee and aid in installation of the equipment.


Subsea Mining Vessel Engineering and Arrangement

We are capable of taking a client's needs, including time, budget and complexity, to design and engineer a subsea mining vessel that is efficient and able to complete the client's project. We are able to take the client-specific design and arrange the required pieces of equipment to make the best quality subsea mining vessel that fits the client's time and budget requirements.



Stingers, A-Frames, Davits, Radius Controllers

We are capable of taking our clients' needs of time, quality and budget to design and engineer the best pieces of equipment for their project needs. We have expert designers that take into account all codes, risks and client-needs to produce equipment that will best satisfy all of our clients' requirements. We take into account environmental and other risks to guide our clients to make the best decisions for their needs to complete a project. 


Vessel Inspections and Audits

We are able to provide our clients with inspectors and auditors to carry out vessel verification. We ensure that all codes and requirements are being met in an efficient, cost-effective manner. We can confidently assure our clients that the inspectors and auditors will be able to thoroughly complete their inspections in a timely, cost-efficient and professional manner without causing burden on the vessel.



Vessel Strength and Stability

We provide thorough inspection and analysis of vessel strength and stability to determine if a vessel is capable of completing the given project. From the data collected we can advise our clients to make decisions to improve and make their vessels more effective to complete their projects in a timely and budget-friendly manner.


Ballasting Plan and System Design

We are able to fully analyze a vessel to design and engineer equipment to give the vessel stability during the transportation and holding of heavy equipment. We are able to create a plan that best meets our client's time, budget and complexity needs for their specific projects.



Loadout Analysis

Seafastening Design and Analysis

We are able to inspect and analyze a vessel and the equipment needed to be transported to complete a seafastening design. From there we are able to advise the client on a method of seafastening that best meets their time, budget and equipment needs. Also, we are capable of inspecting a pre-made seafastening design to determine if that is the best design for the client's equipment and budget.



Jacket Launch and Upending Analysis

We are capable of inspecting and designing jacket launch. We are able to design the correct trajectory of the platform during launch operations to determine that the jacket is able to maintain stability. We also are able to complete an upending analysis to determine if the design is capable of performing the upending process in the most effective and budget-friendly manner.


Float Over Analysis

We are able to inspect and analyze a float-over to ensure that a vessel has the required strength and analysis to transport the topsides. We ensure that the vessel is the proper width, has an open stern to exit the jacket slot and is equipped with the proper movable casings to carry the topsides. We also ensure that we are meeting the client's budget, time and complexity needs during that analysis.



Deck Radius Controllers, Chutes, Foundations

We are able to assess our client's needs to design and engineer a client-specific foundation to best meet the needs of their project. We can design equipment specific to the client's budget, project needs, regulation codes, etc.  


Dropped Object Studies

We are capable of performing and analyzing dropped object studies. In this, we are able to determine potential dropped object risks to prevent them from occurring. In doing so, we are able to help prevent injuries, deaths, structural damages, damage to equipment, release of any gases, fires, etc. We are able to complete a thorough analysis to prevent dropped objects from occurring.