Project Management

We thoroughly identify and analyze any risks that could arises during the duration of a project to help maintain the project's track and meet its end goal. From there we plan how to minimize and avoid any potential risks for the project to aid our client in completing their goals within the estimated timeline of a given project.  


Pipeline Installation Analysis

We analyze pipeline installation by taking into consideration desired route, budget, equipment quality and time frame to determine if the pipeline installation will be successful and meets the guidelines of all codes.



Plans, Procedures, and Engineering

We provide client-specific installation procedures. We take into account our client's budget, time frame, equipment capability and quality and code requirements to develop a plan for our clients that is practical and effective. From there we are able to design and engineer equipment for our clients to be able to complete their projects on-time and on-budget.


Heavy-Lift Installation Analysis

We are able to complete a thorough analysis on any heavy-lift installation. We are able to calculate what installation is needed, if the current installation is adequate to lift the equipment needed, etc. We can also determine the quality of the lift and if any changes are needed to be made to it to ensure that it will be able to operate and lift the desired heavy equipment.



SURF Installation Analysis

We are capable of analyzing SURF installation analysis and providing adequate feedback to our clients aiding them through which decisions to make that best fit their budget, time and complexity needs. We undertake all engineering analysis needed to prepare our clients a complete installation analysis so that they can make the best decision for their needs.


Shallow and Deepwater Analysis

We are capable of analyzing all shallow and deepwater areas to provide our clients with detail that best fit their needs. We are able to identify the pressure variation, corrosion risks, necessary steel strength and all code requirements to meet each client's needs to perform a given project.



Third Party Installation

Engineering Verification Project Management


Workability Studies

We are able to take data and analyze a project to determine its workability capabilities. We can determine if a project can be effectively carried out within the client's time frame and budget.


Padeye/Lifting Lug Design

We are capable of designing and engineering padeyes/lift points that best meet the structural analysis requirements. We can determine the necessary size, quality and requirement needs to best engineer and design equipment for our clients and save them time, costs and complexity.



Weight Takeoffs

We are capable of designing and engineering efficient weight takeoffs. We are able to determine the best methods for weight takeoffs in a safe manner that meets all code requirements. We are able to take all time, budget and project complexity needs into consideration to be able to engineer the best quality equipment for the weight takeoff.