Project Management

We thoroughly identify and analyze any risks that could arise during the duration of a project to help maintain the project's track and meet its end goal. From there we plan how to minimize and avoid any potential risks for the project to aid our client in completing their goals within the estimated timeline of the given project.  


Design, Engineering, Procurement, Construction, Installation, and Project

We provide procedures and oversight for design, engineering, procurement, construction, installation and projects. We ensure that all client needs are met. We are able to provide client-specific designs and engineering projects. We value our client's time, budget and complexity needs and provide them with quality services.




We are capable of providing input for transportation needs to best fit our clients' needs. We design and engineer the top quality product, within budget, to transport equipment for our clients. We take into account route complexities, environmental factors and equipment lifelines to be able to aid our clients to choose the best transportation equipment needed for their specific project.


Platform Installation Commissioning and Decommissioning

We are capable of providing engineering and design to aid our clients to meet their specific platform installation requirements. We inspect and analyze the project location, ensure all codes are being followed and oversee all equipment designs to ensure that quality of equipment necessary to complete the project is met and that it is on-time and on-budget with the client's needs.



Global Strength Analysis

We provide a 3-D modelling of structural components for a project. We analyze and determine interactions between individual components to ensure that the structure is able to complete the desired project. We complete a thorough analysis to assist our clients in making the best decisions on what step to take with their project, whether it's replace a piece or reaffirm that the structure has the ability to carry out the project.


Conductor Analysis

We can provide a thorough analysis of the conductor to determine if it is able to complete a project, if any part needs to be replaced, if any corrosion has taken place, etc. From there we can assist our client to make the best decision for their project to be completed, whether it is designing and engineering new parts, replacing weak parts, etc. We take into account VIV, fatigue, wave, and more analysis to determine the lifeline of the conductor. We also can complete engineering designs to improve and extend the lifeline of the conductor.



Foundation Design

We provide expert engineering designs to best meet our clients' needs for a foundation that will carry out their specific projects. We analyze the environmental factors, lifeline of equipment, etc. to determine the best design needed for a given project. We ensure to meet our clients' timeline, budget and complexity needs.


Pile Design

We are capable of providing  design basis, flow assurance, route selection, mechanical design, installation, feasibility, contractor selection and provide cost-efficient designs for our clients. We prioritize our client's time and budget needs while analyzing and designing the best pile design for each client.



Jacket Re-Classification/Re-Certification Analysis

We are capable of inspecting and analyzing existing jackets to determine if any changes need to be made. We can determine if they are in the necessary condition to be able to perform and complete the given project. From the analysis we can re-classify the jacket and complete a re-certification analysis. If we determine that any alterations need to be made, we are able to advise and engineer the best modifications to be made that best fits the time, budget and project needs of our client.


Inspection Services

We are capable of thoroughly inspecting and monitoring all aspects of a project. We ensure proper resource selection, NDT and access methodology planning, logistics and deliverables are considered to meet a client's needs. We can inspect all project details to ensure that the project is being designed and completed in a timely, on-budget and effective manner.