Project Management

We thoroughly identify and analyze any risks that could arises during the duration of a project to help maintain the project's track and meet its end goal. From there we plan how to minimize and avoid any potential risks for the project to aid our client in completing their goals within the estimated timeline of the given project. 


Route Selection

We are able to take a desired location for a pipeline and analysis and assess the best route for the given project. We aid in selecting the best route that creates minimal damage to the environment and is capable of completing the project.



Mechanical Design

We are able to take the analysis from the route selection to determine the best way to deign the required equipment. In designing and engineering needed equipment, we are able to meet our clients' needs of costs, time and complexity. 


On-Bottom Stability

We are capable of inspecting and analyzing the environment to determine, design and engineer a pipeline that is stable in deepwater conditions. We take all time, budget and project complexity needs into consideration when determining the best materials and methods to use for a project.



Free Span Assessment

We are able to save our clients time in completing projects through assessing and rectifying pipeline freespans. Through preliminary stress, vibration frequency checks, detailed strain and fatigue life checks to ensure that the project is able to be completed on-time and on-budget.


FEED Studies

We are capable of designing and engineering FEED studies that best fit each client's needs. We take into account all time, budget and project complexity needs to determine the best materials and methods to use. We ensure that all codes are met when engineering the FEED studies.



Cathodic Protection

We are capable of analyzing equipment to control the corrosion of a metal surface by making it the cathode of an electro-chemical cell. The cathodic protection helps to protect underwater pipelines from atmospheric corrosion to increase the lifeline of the equipment.


Dropped Object Studies

We are capable of performing and analyzing dropped object studies. In this, we are able to determine potential dropped object risks to prevent them from occurring. In doing so, we are able to help prevent injuries, deaths, structural damages, damage to equipment, release of any gases, fires, etc. We are able to complete a thorough analysis to prevent dropped objects from occurring.



Risk and Cost Analysis

We are capable of inspecting and analyzing a project to determine the estimated costs of the project to allow for our clients to build a budget. We take our inspections and analysis to determine any risks associated with with project to be able to design and engineer equipment that will best complete the project while reducing costs, time and complexity.


Lateral and Upheaval Buckling

We are capable of providing analytical and numerical studies to determine and prevent lateral buckling. We are also capable of providing tabulated analytical solutions for upheaval buckling. We are able to study the elastic beam resting on a frictional foundation to determine and prevent buckling. We indicate when excessive bending stress will cause buckling and are able to aid in engineering and designing pipelines in a way that prevents buckling.



Global Motions

We calculate the motions the vessel will experience and deliver accurate seakeeping predictions based on the prevailing conditions. This allows us to assess the effectiveness of vessel for the intended scope of work and the anticipated environmental conditions. 


VIV Suppression

We are able to assess vortex induced vibration (VIV) to determine if a pipeline is in need of streaks and fairings. We can assist our clients in determining what is needed from the VIV. We can provide confidence in their pipelines by analyzing all reports from the VIV and provide useful advice from the data.



Fatigue Analysis

We are capable of performing static analysis. This involves producing a simulation model that is three-dimensional to determine the amount of stress on the equipment. The data provided by the analysis allows us to determine the fatigue damage of the equipment and to be able to advise our clients on what actions to take for their equipment.


Installation Requirements

We have experts to analyze a project and be able to aid our clients in ensuring that it meets all installation requirements and codes. We also aid in fixing anything that does not meet the guidelines of a code, which can include redesigning a piece of equipment, choosing a new pipeline route, etc.



Flow Assurance

We ensure maximum execution of hydrocarbon pipelines and wellbores to ensure that fuel production is carried out with minimal restraints on the physical flow of the fuel. We consider pressure support, component and system design, and multiphase flow to guarantee flow assurance.