Heat and Material Balances

We are capable of completing and analyzing heat and material balances. We are able to determine the if the process stream is at normal operating temperature and pressure, volumetric/mass flowrate, density at normal operating temperature and pressure conditions, viscosity, etc. From there we can advise our clients on how to correct any problems by designing and engineering solutions that fit within the client's time and budget restraints.


BFDs,PFDs, and P&IDs

We are capable of designing and producing diagrams to show flow, pressure, temperature, chemical composition of equipment and pipes to allow the client to know the proper order to stop flow in order to repair or replace a specific part of the equipment. We also are able to insert data and characteristics of the equipment, numbering and classification of pipes, instrumentation in the control room, instrumentation valves in the field and construction installation notes to the scheme for the client to make decisions for their projects.



Process Simulations

We are capable of designing, developing, analyzing and optimizing the technical processes of various plants for a client. We are able to give schemes that show the the client the chemical, physical, biological and other technical processes for their plant.


Hydraulic Calculations and Analysis

We are capable of of designing and analyzing flow of water through piping networks. We are able  to determine the condition, speed of travel and dynamic interactions between the system components. We take that data to best advise our client on any changes to redesign and engineer, how to make the process more efficient and reduce costs and more.



Pressure Relief Design and Validation

We are capable of analyzing and inspecting relief systems. We can re-validate systems, identify any issues in the system, engineer solutions,  evaluate header and flare design performance, conform assessments, ensure all requirements are met and design and engineer new relief systems for our clients. We ensure that the process is efficient, timely and within the given budget of the client.


Flare Studies

We are capable of performing and analyzing flare studies. The studies will ensure that all codes are being met. We measure how the deployment of a multi-phase flow meter in a system affects flaring, how to overcome pressure differences associated with re-injecting separated well fluids and gas back into the production line, what the various flaring categories are and how they meet the requirements and codes. We ensure that the equipment is efficient, safe and at minimal cost.



Equipment Sizing Based on Various Industry Standards

We are able to design and engineer equipment that is client-specific and meets all codes required. We can design and engineer all types of equipment for various industries and are capable of meeting all codes for the different industries. While designing the equipment, we are able to meet the client's needs, budget requirements and timeline restraints. We also advise the client on which materials to use for the equipment by taking into consideration the length of the project, budgets and complexity of the project. 


Engineering Studies for Process / Economic Feasibility

We are capable of designing and performing various engineering studies to determine the process of a project and its economic feasibility. This allows for our clients to determine a budget that best fits the project's needs. We advise the client to choose the materials for the project that best fit their budget needs while still being efficient to complete the project.



Flow Assurance

We ensure maximum execution of hydrocarbon pipelines and wellbores to ensure that fuel production is carried out with minimal restraints on the physical flow of the fuel. We consider pressure support, component and system design and multi-phase flow to guarantee flow assurance.