Project Development

We are capable of organizing and developing projects for our clients.  We provide the framework for what our client is wanting to do, design the steps to complete the project and help to create a time-frame and budget for the project.


Front End Loading

We are capable of taking a project and determining all of the fees that it takes to complete a project. We take into consideration all code costs, verification costs, man hour costs, etc. This will aid the client in determining and planning a budget for a their project.



Schedule Development and Tracking

We take the project plan and oversee that the project is being executed in a timely and efficient manner. We also ensure that the project is keeping within the pre-determined budget. We follow and track the project throughout the duration of it to ensure that all parts of the project are being executed in a timely manner.


Estimating and Cost Control

We are capable of analyzing a project and providing an estimated cost. From there we aid the client in determining a budget for their project. This will allow us to advising the client to make decisions for the project like material usage, number of contractors to hire, etc. to maintain cost control to stay within budget.



Procurement Tracking

Documentation Development and Tracking

We are capable of completing and track all required and client-desired documents. Our clients can take ease in knowing that we are able to follow a project through its duration and complete any and all documentation. We track and organize all documentation for a project to ensure that every documentation needed is completed.



Change and Contract Management

Owner Engineer / Representative

We are capable of engineering equipment, structures, etc. for our clients. We design all client-specific projects within the time, budget and project complexity needs. We take all client needs and the project length into consideration when determining the best materials and other specifications to utilize to best fit our client's needs.