Project Management and Engineering

We thoroughly identify and analyze any risks that could arise during the duration of a project to help maintain the project's track and meet its end goal. From there we plan how to minimize and avoid any potential risks for the project to aid our client in completing their goals within the estimated timeline of the given project.  


Stingers, A-Frames, Davits, Radius Controllers

We are capable of taking our clients' needs of time, quality and budget to design and engineer the best pieces of equipment for their project needs. We have expert designers that take into account all codes, risks and client needs to produce equipment that will best satisfy all of our clients' requirements. We take into account environmental and other risks to guide our clients to make the best decisions for their needs to complete a project.



Deck Radius Controllers, Chutes, Foundations

We are able to assess our clients' needs to design and engineer a client-specific foundation to best meet the needs of their projects. We can design equipment depending on the client's budget, project needs, regulation codes, etc. 


Procurement Services

We analyze a client's budget and specific needs to determine the best way for the client to engineer and design equipment. We can determine what quality of resources are needed, survey services and identify what other resources are needed for the client to stay on budget for their project.



Construction and Installation Supervision

We oversee project execution. We have experts that oversee and assist with developing, managing and scheduling project needs for construction and installation. We ensure that all client needs are being met in a timely manner and are on-budget.


Vessel Commissioning and Decommissioning

We provide owner/client representatives, data gathering, inspections and records reviews, feasibility studies, cost and schedule estimates, engineering analysis and procedure development and project and operational management. We ensure that the client's time frame, budget and code requirements are all met.