Customized or Standardized Programs and Processes

We are capable of customizing  or implementing standard programs and processes for automation. Depending on our client's needs and project complexity, we are able to engineer programs and processes that best fit their needs. We ensure to factor all time, budget, and project restrictions/needs to determine the best programs and processes for each specific project.


Communications - Platform to Platform or Old to New


Yokogawa, Rockwell, Siemens, GE, Schneider, Emerson

We are capable of designing and engineering client-specific automation project needs through the use of Yokogawa, Rockwell, Siemens, GE, Schneider, and Emerson. In utilizing all of these, we are capable of designing the top quality product to meet all code requirements and our client's needs. 


Yokogawa and Rockwell System Integrator

We are capable of developing the best solutions with the least amount of risks for our clients through the use of Yokogawa and Rockwell system integrator. Through the use of these tools, we are able to leverage technology to meet client-specific needs for their projects.



PLC and HMI / SCADA Programming

We are capable of using PLC and HMI/SCADA programming to best meet our client's needs. We can develop master plans for entire plants and planning control strategies for client-specific projects. We can also perform testings with these programs to ensure that our client's projects are efficient and functioning properly.


DC and Variable Frequency Drives (VFD)

We are capable of engineering and designing motor controllers that are driven through frequency and voltage through DC and VFD. In using these, we are able to reduce energy consumption and costs, increase production through tighter control, extend life length, and reduce maintenance for our clients. We are able to run analysis through the drives also to see any malfunctions or issues with these automation. From there, we can asses and determine the best solution through the use of the drives.



Panel Shop, Factory, and In-House Simulation Testing

We are capable of designing panel shops, factories and performing in-house simulation testings. Each are client-specific to best fit the needs of a given project. From the in-house simulation testings we are able to collect and analyze data to determine if there are any malfunctions or efficiency issues.


Construction Support

We are capable of overseeing and  ensuring that construction of automation is being conducted in the most efficient and functional manner. We ensure that all construction is on-time, on-budget and meets the complexity needs of a given project. We are also able to aid in designing and engineering any parts of the construction. We can also inspect and analyze the construction process to ensure that all code requirements are met.



Commissioning and Start-Up

We meet with our clients to determine specific needs. We are able to create customized project checklists for our clients to be able to help our clients meet all their project needs. From there we are able to put together all gathered information for planning, designing, engineering and construction needs. This allows up to provide our clients with the aid and support that they need for their project. 


Remote Diagnostics

We are able to perform tests and analyze data remotely to determine any diagnostics. We are able to determine if any malfunctions are occurring, any codes that are not being met,  any efficiency downfalls, etc. From the analysis we are able offer potential solutions to help our clients reach their full potential within a project.